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I’ve picked the top Antivirus for Android recommendations, and today I am going to show why these are your best choices…

Using a reliable antivirus will help you avoid malware infections and the damage they can cause, such as identity theft, which is on the rise. Additional features will also encrypt your online activity and block ads.

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100% zero-day and malware tests, VPN and password manager included, 30-day money-back guarantee

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100% malware detection, great real-time protection, VPN & password manager included

⮕ Norton antivirus: https://cnews.link/get-norton_105/
Great malware detection results, many extra features, VPN included

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00:00 Intro
0:13 Do I need Antivirus for Android?
0:35 Testing the top 3 Antivirus for Android
1:59 Pricing and affordability
3:27 Is Bitdefender for Android good?
4:55 Why TotalAV is a good option?
6:08 Is Norton 360 is reliable?
7:32 Are NordVPN TP and Surfshark AV worth consideration?
8:33 Conclusion

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