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What is an Antivirus and How Does it Work?
👉🏻Everything you need to know about antivirus software is explained in an easy-to-understand way. Discover how an anti-virus works and when you would use one, in this video.

👉🏻In this video, we talk about:
– Heuristic analysis
– Rootkit detection
– What a sandbox is
– How a virus works
– Behavioral detection
– Machine learning
– How an antivirus stops malware attacks

👉🏻The best antiviruses are:
– Easy to use
– Low on resources
– Updated frequently
– Ready for a multi-pronged attack

👉🏻Why do you need an Antivirus, you ask?
Will an Antivirus help protect you from all cyber threats?
How does an Antivirus work to kick malware where it hurts?

👉🏻Find out the answer to these questions and learn more about how an antivirus works:

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00:00 What is Computer Virus and its types?
01:38 How an Antivirus works?
02:20 Heuristic analysis
02:41 Rootkit detection
02:55 Antivirus sandbox
03:34 Machine Learning-Antivirus?
03:48 How to choose best Antivirus?