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Despite Windows having built-in antimalware capabilities, after my previous testing, it often won’t cut it against advanced threats. So – is there a best free antivirus for Windows 11 that does?

⚙️ Bitdefender

Regardless of the plan you choose, Bitdefender’s reputation is still solid, both free and paid users can benefit from their strong detection rates, seeing as they use the same database for all plans.

In the most recent testing I did, Bitdefender free detected 9/10 malicious files I planted onto my device. And independent testing showed 100% against 4-week-old malware. A great start for any best free antivirus candidate.

With all of this protection, you might be wondering if it is hard to use. Let me just say, the free plan does not have everything and is pretty basic. While you’ll be able to perform virus scans easily, there won’t be much else.

🛡️ TotalAV

Okay, in terms of security, TotalAV also has a great track record. Despite having no firewall in any of their plans, they have really good detection rates from the independent lab. I guess a silver lining about free providers is there isn’t really a margin for error when it comes to navigation. Though TotalAV isn’t as feature-packed as others on this list, you won’t find a huge learning curve here.

In terms of features, you can remove malware but also use their Webshield extension to block dangerous websites as you browse. This includes advanced stuff too, like ransomware, scam, and phishing sites. While I did find this beneficial, I’ve gotta say the Safe Search feature that comes with it isn’t consistent. This is meant to add an additional layer of security to your browsing. Great in theory…and consistent on Windows browsers…but not so much across different devices.

💽 Avira

Looking further down the rabbit hole, I present to you Avira free antivirus! Looking at their architecture, I was shocked to see there’s a firewall offered with all plans. Hold up, this isn’t actually an additional firewall, only a way to manage your Windows firewall directly within their app. Not a necessity, but I can see how this would grant easy access for beginners. What’s more, they have real-time protection with their free plan, something not a lot of providers do. And, you can get ransomware protection with this package too. Not only that but they are consistent and highly rated in independent testing. Recent results showed full marks in all three categories. And, 100% detection against all threats.

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