Rather than spending lots of money for someone to diagnose and upkeep its performance, you can use some simple software options to help you monitor your PC’s health and keep it running smooth as silk and even allow you to predict major issues before they occur. Knowing your PC parts intimately is crucial when trying to troubleshoot an issue or when considering what your next upgrade should be. What parts are there? How hot are they running? what can I do to clean up the software in my system so that everything runs at its full potential? Your PC needs regular service, maintenance and care which is all too often left on its own to slowly rebel against its neglectful owner. But don’t feel bad, there’s ample tools to help you turn this around. Here are the top 4 PC performance monitoring programs we think every Windows computer should have.

Speccy is a free, real-time tool to monitor the temperature of critical components like your CPU and GPU. It also provides detailed information on pieces of hardware motherboard, RAM, processor brand and model and storage drive size and speed. There’s a built-in snapshot tool so that you can easily share your scan results for troubleshooting purposes or to shop for compatible upgrades. The professional version offers more advanced PC insights, automatic updates, and premium support and is available for less than $20 dollars per year.

HWMonitor is another fantastic tool for PC hardware monitoring which provides real-time information on voltage, temperatures, fans speed, etc. that’s currently affecting your PC and presents it to you in easy to understand charts. The main software is a free download and, if you want extra features like remote monitoring, saving graph data and a more customizable interface, then you can also look into HWMonitor PRO which is available for a small annual subscription which also includes tools for Android monitoring in addition to Windows.

IOLO System Mechanic Ultimate Defense
Another tool if you’re looking for something a bit more robust is IOLO System Mechanic Ultimate Defense and this one goes way beyond monitoring. System Mechanic is an all in one PC optimization software that can scan and remove junk files, broken shortcuts, temp files, and useless registry entries. It’s super intuitive with an easy to understand interface and will not only monitor, but actually optimize your CPU, RAM and storage drives for you. It eliminates unnecessary background apps and prevents bloatware and startup bottlenecks to make everything run super speedy and even includes a Privacy Guardian and other system defense features to monitor your browsing habits, delete tracking cookies, warn you about suspicious emails etc. For a one-time purchase of just under $65, you are all set with the software and with free upgrades for the first year with the option to renew for software updates.

IObit Advanced System Care
The free version of IObit Advanced System Care will thoroughly clean junk files to free up more space, offer real-time monitoring for system components and has a 1 click fix for disk errors for a more reliable system. The Pro version is about $20/year for up to 3 devices and provides other features like stopping unnecessary programs to free up RAM for more important things, like work or gaming, and ending unnecessary startup processes so you boot up quicker. There’s even features that will make your internet faster by taking advantage of the maximum network bandwidth and privacy and security features as well.

Whatever tool you decide to use for your PC’s health, it will thank you profusely and in return gift you with more stability, reliability and sweet gaming or productivity goodness. How do you monitor your PC? Or will this be your first time? What is your favorite performance indicator? Let us know in the comments.