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Finding the best free antivirus out there is tricky, especially when so many providers have negative reviews or questionable inclusions. Right, after thorough testing, I’m ready to reveal the top free antivirus for pc options; including all their honest pros and cons.

🧨 TotalAV free antivirus ➡️

The first thing that caught my eye was their quality reputation amongst independent auditors. They recently received 6 out of 6 points in both “performance” and “usability,” and 5.5 points in “protection.” Even better, during recent testing, their software was able to block about 96% of zero-day threats, so just a little under the industry average, and it did block 100% of 4-week-old malware. Keeping you protected from old and new threats.

🧨 Bitdefender free antivirus ➡️

And speaking of secure, the Bitdefender free antivirus plan certainly showed some impressive security measures during testing. It was able to detect 90% of the malicious files I planted, all while quietly running in the background and not being too heavy on my system’s CPU. Plus, unlike TotalAV’s free plan, Bitdefender offers real-time protection, which constantly monitored my device.

Now the biggest downfall of Bitdefender is probably that they only offer a free virus scanner for Mac users and the iOS version only has minimal features. The upgraded plans include some really useful features like parental control, device optimization, a password manager and a VPN.

🧨 Free Avira antivirus ➡️

Moving on to one of the most feature-rich antiviruses I found, the Avira free plan not only comes with a VPN but also a basic password manager. Granted, the VPN is limited to just 500mb per month, it’s still ideal for some light international browsing.
This free antivirus has some decent features including their Safe Shopping browser extension, which helps to avoid scam sites and trackers, plus it has a nifty price comparison tool built in.

Final thoughts ➡️

So that’s my lineup of the best antivirus 2023, free trials. Just remember, that there really isn’t any free option that will ever give you the coverage and protection you really need. However, TotalAV and Bitdefender definitely seem to be the highest-quality and most affordable options out there. If you want my advice, try out both free trials first before deciding which one suits your security needs best.

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