Learn how to fix a rejected e-filed return in TurboTax. We’ll guide you through step-by-step to fix the error and refile your tax return.

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Video Transcript ~ “How do I fix a rejected return? – TurboTax Support Video”:

If your return was rejected, don’t worry.
It just means that some things on your return didn’t line up.
The first step to fixing your return is to check your email.
Look for an “Action Needed” email from TurboTax@Intuit.com and follow the instructions.
Sign in and select Fix my return.
TurboTax will explain why your return was rejected and guide you through the most common rejects.
If prompted, walk through the steps to make the necessary changes.
Once you fix the error, review your order, save a PDF of your updated returns, and submit for e-file.
If, for whatever reason, your return keeps getting rejected when e-filing, you can always print it and fill by mail.
For more answers to your questions, visit TurboTax.com/support