Are you wondering how to file a tax return extension for 2022 on TurboTax?
If you won’t be able to file your taxes by the deadline of April 18th of 2023, you need to file a tax extension, so you aren’t hit with any fines. The 2023 tax extension deadline is the same day as standard tax deadline, so even if you can’t get your taxes in by April 18th, you need to have requested an extension by then. In this video, I’ll walk you through how to file through TurboTax to extend your filing deadline. Also take a look at our other videos about how to file via the website!

If you take away nothing else from this video, you need to know two things:

1) You must file your request for a filing extension by the standard tax filing deadline of 18 April 2023
2) Even if you’ve requested an extension, you still have to pay your taxes by the original tax filing deadline. If you don’t you’ll be hit with late payment penalties

IRS Form 4868

If you have any questions on how to file a tax extension online (Form 4868 online), the majority of tax prep software have the ability to request an extension for you.

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