Discover why you need antivirus software which is crucial for safeguarding your digital world. Learn about threats and secure your online presence effectively.
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Discover why you need antivirus software which is crucial for safeguarding your digital world. Learn about threats and secure your online presence effectively.

Hey everyone, welcome back. And in today’s video, we’re gonna be discussing why you still need antivirus software in 2023. Now, this topic has been quite controversial lately, especially with the rise of free built-in antivirus solutions such as Windows Defender. And this left people questioning whether or not they still needed an antivirus. So in today’s video, I’ll be explaining the different reasons why you still need an antivirus and correcting a few misconceptions people might have about the topic. Now, before we get into the video, if you’re looking for antivirus software but don’t know which one to choose, I’ll be leaving some in-depth reviews on AVs that I personally recommend in the description below, along with some discounts. Okay, so I’ve been seeing a lot of people online throwing around the idea of “just be careful on what you click on, and you won’t need an antivirus.” While it is true that you should be careful at all times when you’re online, that doesn’t negate the fact that you still need an antivirus. Let me explain why. For starters, you can’t factor out human error when it comes to cyberattacks. Most of these cybercriminals rely on social engineering to get people to download their malware or click on suspicious links. It only takes one accidental click on a link to get your system compromised and your data stolen or encrypted for a ransomware attack. But if you have an antivirus with a web protection feature such as Norton, you won’t need to worry about any of that. Okay, now that I have covered the main reasons why you need an antivirus, let me address a couple of misconceptions I see floating around the internet. The first of which is gonna be “Well I have a VPN to protect my information, I don’t need an antivirus”. Now, while VPNs do protection your information, their role is completely different from that of an antivirus. You see, a VPN’s job is to encrypt your internet traffic and change your IP address to protect your online activities. An antivirus on the other hand, scans your devices for any malicious software and immediately terminates it. VPNs do not have the capacity or tools to deal with viruses, worms, trojans or any other types of malware. With that being said, if you already have a VPN and you’re only using it to encrypt your data, you might wanna reconsider and get an antivirus that offers a VPN as part of their kit. This way you’d get both an antivirus and a VPN at a price relatively cheaper than buying them separately. As for the second common misconception, it’s gonna be that Windows Defender is more than enough to protect your devices. Now, this is somewhat true since Windows Defender has gotten way better in terms of malware detection rates, but it still has a couple of main issues. The first of which is that it only works on PCs running either Windows 10 or 11. It cannot be used cross platform like Norton and Total AV, and it cannot work on older Windows operating systems. As for the second issue, its gonna be pretty basic when it comes to features compared to the solutions I mentioned earlier. It basically only exists to scan your computer for malware with no VPNs, identity theft protection, password managers, etc. And so, I would recommend getting another antivirus software if you’re looking for total protection. And that’s it for today’s video. Now you know the importance of an antivirus and why you need to incorporate it into your digital life. And if you’re looking for one to get started with, I’ve left some in-depth reviews in the description below, along with some discounts, so make sure to check that out. If you liked the content or found it useful, make sure to like the video and subscribe to see more of it. And if you have any questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to leave them in the comments, as I love interacting with you guys. That would be all for today, and I’ll see you in the next one.

Hope you enjoyed my Why You Need Antivirus Software Video.