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I’ve tested endless providers in the past year, and let me tell you, there’s some dangerous stuff out there. So, to help you pick a proper antivirus that will be able to protect you, I’ve curated an updated list of the best antivirus 2023 options, with pros & cons.

🧨 TotalAV antivirus
TotalAV — once considered an underdog in the antivirus world but truly living up to that “underdog becomes superhero” stereotype. Independent testing scores show excellent malware detection rates, both with zero-day threats and 4-week-old malware.

✔ Free version available
✔ 10/10 malicious files detected in testing
✔ Ransomware protection

✅ TotalAV ➡️

🧨 Norton antivirus
Norton has a glowing past with across all major categories. This goes back years too and is quite impressive when compared to other market leaders. In my own testing, it detected 8/10 malware samples.

✔ AI-powered protection
✔ Norton Secure VPN
✔ Smart Firewall
✔ 8/10 malicious files detected in testing

✅ Norton ➡️

🧨 Bitdefender antivirus
Reputation-wise – saying that “Bitdefender had a good run” would be an understatement, winning AV-Comparatives ‘product of the year’ more times than any other antivirus provider. It’s a powerful antivirus with lots of features.

✔ Real-time protection
✔ 9/10 malicious files detected in testing
✔ Lots of features

✅ Bitdefender ➡️

🧨 NordVPN Threat Protection
NordVPN antivirus is a good option for someone who wants a layer of protection, but cheap. It gives the ability to browse without worry and blocks malicious trackers, ads, and sites. Though calling it a full antivirus would be controversial, it’s just a feature called Threat protection.

✔ Real-time protection
✔ 8/10 malicious files detected in testing
✔ A powerful VPN

✅ NordVPN ➡️

🧨 Surfshark antivirus
Again, a VPN provider that’s branched out, but for a different audience. I found Surfshark antivirus a lot more of a cybersecurity bundle, offering a VPN, antivirus, Safe Search, and Alerts with their Surfshark One plan.

✔ Real-time protection
✔ 9/10 malicious files detected in testing
✔ A powerful VPN

✅ Surfshark antivirus ➡️…

🧨 Honorable mentions
✅ Avira ➡️
✅ McAfee ➡️

Even experienced internet users still fall victim to malware. That’s why not only using an antivirus is important, but finding the best one for you is crucial. Let me know which one you picked!
00:00 Intro
0:37 ✔ TotalAV antivirus testing
0:46 Performance
1:55 Security features
2:34 Ease and interface
3:13 Is TotalAV cheap?
3:51 ✔ Is Norton antivirus still good?
4:04 Norton’s malware detection rates
4:51 Notable features
6:00 Is it easy to use?
6:19 Is Norton expensive?
6:58 ✔ Bitdefender review
7:14 Malware test results
8:04 Security capabilities
8:58 Interface & ease of use
9:38 Is it worth it?
10:16 ✔ NordVPN has an antivirus?
10:42 How Threat Protection works
11:25 Testing results
11:44 Different versions?
12:29 ✔ Is Surfhark antivirus good?
12:51 Malware detection testing
13:56 ✔ Honorable mentions
15:41 So, which antivirus is the best?

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