My name is Bobby and I’m theletterisb. Now what is theletterisb all about? I’ve created this channel with the intention of creating the very best video editing tutorial platform on YouTube. I’m sick and tired of all these boring, not straight to the point and way too long editing tutorials that we have to click through, just so we can get a little bit of educational value out of it.

For this reason I decided to do it the right way. Create short, exciting tutorials, teaching you the very best techniques to create professional video content.

But wait there is even more to talk about! This channel has evolved into so much more than just editing tutorials. At some point within my career I decided that I would like to use my acquired skills as a teacher, and share all my knowledge as a consultant when it comes to filmmaking, video editing, productivity.

With this vision in mind and I’m planning to release a lot of exciting content in the future. I’m Bobby and I’m theletterisb.