Chris Kalos takes a look at 6 (technically 7) different remote desktop software (TeamViewer, AnyDesk, Microsoft Remote Desktop, Apple Remote Desktop {barely}, Chrome Remote Desktop,, and Parsec) and compares them to each other to find the ULTIMATE one… for your use case.

Alternative titles:
ULTIMATE Remote Desktop Software Battle! (TeamViewer, AnyDesk, RDP, Parsec, and more…)
Use Your Home PC From Anywhere???
TeamViewer has been dethroned
Remote desktop is not a monopoly!

Microsoft Remote Desktop:
Apple Remote Desktop:
Chrome Remote Desktop:

HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE thanks to Chris Miniotis (chrismin13) and CaptainBrave for helping me create this video! CaptainBrave did the animations like the logos reaching for the crown and the entrances of each software, and Chris Miniotis helped massively with every stage of production. Technically, he is an employee.


Music: Sessions: Diana | A Creator-Safe Collection | Riot Games Music

0:00 Introduction
1:46 TeamViewer
8:16 AnyDesk
9:26 RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop)
13:00 Apple Remote Desktop
13:37 Chrome Remote Desktop
16:17 DWService (chrismin13 Guest Section)
18:16 Parsec
24:36 Rainway
24:49 Outro