This video is a step-by-step tutorial of Turbotax for 2021. We go through lots of topics. Be sure to check out the time stamps to fast forward to any section that you want to see.

Business P&L Template:

EA Tax Resolutions Website:

00:22 Getting Started
06:03 Personal & Dependent Info
09:12 Mailing Address
10:13 Job W2
13:52 Self Employment Income and Expenses (Form 1099-NEC)
42:14 Unemployment Income (Form 1099-G)
45:43 Investments and Savings (Form 1099-Int, 1099-Div, 1099-B, Crypto Gain/Loss)
58:42 IRA, 401K, Pension Plan Withdrawals (1099-R)
01:04:30 Rental Properties (Sch E)
01:32:41 Business Credits
01:33:22 1099-SA, HSA, MSA
01:37:16 Gambling Winnings
01:40:03 Alimony Received
01:41:42 Sale of Home (gain or loss) – Primary Home
01:50:01 Mortgage Interest and Property Taxes (Form 1098-Mort)
01:59:13 Dependent Care Credit
02:04:00 Donations to Charity in 2021
02:06:39 Car Registration Fees
02:07:33 School Expenses and Scholarships (Form 1098-T)
02:15:03 Student Loan Interest (Form 1098-E)
02:17:21 Medical Expenses
02:18:12 Foreign Tax Credit
02:19:12 Traditional IRA Contribution
02:24:48 Uncommon Tax Situations
02:25:37 Underpayment Penalty
02:28:57 Third Stimulus Payment
02:31:29 Form 1095-A
02:35:34 CA State Tax Return
02:48:46 Pay Tax Options
02:52:33 Most important Button in Turbo Tax
02:57:09 Conclusion

Disclaimer: The information provided in this video is for informational purposes only and is not meant to take the place of professional legal, accounting, or financial advice. If you have any legal questions about this video or the subjects discussed, or any other legal matter, you should consult with an attorney or tax professional in your jurisdiction (i.e. where you live).

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