Top 5 Effects in After Effects You Should Know!

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Here are the top 5 effects in After Effects part 2.
Starting off is the Echo Effect. This effect easily creates duplicates of everything that has movement to it.
If you’re looking to add a bit of punch to your work, the glow effect is a great goto. I usually duplicate this effect and adjust the glow radius several times.
Whenever I need to add a quick warp or creative transition, I like to use the CC Lens effect. Just apply it to your entire project, and animate the size.
A creative effect that is great for breaking things apart in no time is CC Pixel Polly. Mask the areas of your graphic that you want to break and let the Pixel Polly work out the rest.
The last effect is Motion Tile. This is great for many things, but you can easily create seamless scrolling motion graphics with the tile center and output parameters.