Discover the most natural way to place a design or a graphic on any surface with Photoshop, and guess what, it is not “Blend If”! In this lesson, we will use Luminosity Masks & Channels to create a much more realistic look by layering our design in both highlights and shadows. Right from adding multiple shades of dimension to essential techniques to get the best colors, we will cover it all.

We will also talk about why “Blend If” might not be the right choice and learn advanced techniques to add natural shine and depth. I hope this tutorial helps you. Thank you so much for watching 🙂

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► Timestamps
00:00 What About Blend If?
00:50 Placement and Moulding
05:17 The Problem with Blend If
07:46 Working the Shadows
10:17 Watch Out! A Major Color Issue
11:30 Working the Highlights
12:06 Adding Definition Using Multiple Copies
14:06 Design Looking Dull?
14:34 Masking
15:45 Recap
16:46 A Twist & Surprise!
18:15 Thank You!

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