NOTE: The recent nightly builds of Handbrake will work much better with opening your DNxHD files, several improvements have been made. Thanks to the Handbrake developers for keeping us on their radar!

HELPFUL LINKS (Click ‘Show More’)
Avid LE 2.3.8 Codecs Download
Handbrake Encoder (we suggest a nightly build)
Nick Hope’s “Best” Method Tutorial
Nick Hope’s “Youtube Levels Fix” Tutorial
Dual Range HD Grayscale for Vegas (Free for noncommercial use)
Belle Nuit HD Test Charts
Sony Creative Software Website
Vimeo Version of this Tutorial (now active!)

Complete History and Archive of this Project

This is the result of over a year of testing by several users at the Sony Vegas forums. A full history and archive of this research is available at the link directly above.

It is intended for the majority of consumers who autoexpose using DSLR, Point and Shoot, Pocket, and retail HD camcorders; and who do not have the luxury of video scopes available during editing, including Vegas Movie Studio users.

This tutorial does not purport to represent the views of Sony Creative Software or any other commercial entity, and is an entirely independent volunteer effort.

Our approach to luminance leveling may seem slightly uncomfortable for video professionals. For the vast majority of consumers (who do not have access to zebras and scopes), this method is WYSIWYG referenced to the Vegas preview, and failsafe (uploaded video will never exceed Y'[16,235]). True AVCHD and HDV shooters should see the mod at 9:05.