HEADS UP: We used voice-changing AI to hide the identity of our TurboTax expert.

Join Blake Oliver, CPA, and David Leary as they review using TurboTax Live Full Service for their business taxes. See their candid reactions and feedback as they go through the process of filing their 2022 taxes with TurboTax for the first time.

Blake and David walk through the steps of getting matched with a tax expert, gathering documents, communicating with their preparer, and finally filing their partnership return. You’ll look at the portal used for document exchange, see the questions asked during onboarding, and find out what last-minute items held up their return filing.

See if the “tax expert” delivers and how the return process compares to working directly with a CPA or EA. If you’re on the fence about trying TurboTax Live Full Service for your business taxes, this candid review will showcase the pros and cons to help you decide.