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How to use Photoshop with this Adobe Photoshop tutorial (2022), the best for photo editings and vector design! Photoshop for beginners, getting started, basics. #photoshop #adobe #skillsfactory

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00:00 Introduction
00:38 Home Screen
01:14 Main Interface
01:52 Photoshop Documents
02:46 Crop Tool
03:15 Pixel (Image) Layers
03:40 Tools & Visualization
04:02 Brushing Tools
04:35 Undo and History
04:47 Clone Stamp and Healing
05:31 Adjustment Tools
06:12 Eraser Tool
06:18 Camera Raw & Neural Filters
07:03 Vector Layers
07:30 Shape Tools
08:04 Text Tools
08:54 Rasterize Layers
09:19 Layers Panel, Blending
10:06 Transform
10:20 Selection Tools
11:48 Adjustment Layers
12:36 Save & Export

Welcome to Adobe Photoshop, one of the very best software for image editors and photo manipulation. Version 2022 now comes with further more Neural Filters to make your landascape and portrait photos simply awesome. With this tutorial you will learn how to use Photoshop in just 13 quick minutes.

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