Have a tax expert do your taxes for you, right from the comfort of your home, with TurboTax Live Full Service. Learn how it works, and feel confident knowing our experts will find every dollar you deserve, guaranteed.

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Video Transcript ~ “How TurboTax Live Full Service Works – TurboTax Video Demo”:

Look, we get it. Most people would rather be doing just about anything but their taxes. But taking them somewhere to get done can be a hassle. With TurboTax Live Full Service, you can hand your taxes off to an expert right from your home, even on nights and weekends. Just answer a few basic questions and we’ll give you a personalized checklist of tax forms to have handy. Securely share your tax forms, and we’ll match you with an expert to do your taxes for you. They can meet with you as soon as you’re ready. Get to know your situation and answer any questions you have. You can work with your expert in real time, just like you would at an accountants office. Then review everything with them at the end. No more wondering when your taxes will be done. Our experts make sure your return is 100% right before they sign and file. Plus, they can explain all the details to you and even give you tips for next year. Speaking of next year, you can choose to stay with the same expert or get matched with someone new as your life changes. It’s up to you. So get back to doing things you actually enjoy and leave your taxes to us.