This is how you set up your workstation/PC after hardware is installed.

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⚫️🟡 PC specs: ✅
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CPU: [i9 12900k]
COOLER: [Phanteks Glacier One 360MP]
MOTHERBOARD: [Asus Z690 ProArt Creator]
RAM: [Kingston Fury Beast DDR5]
OS SSD: [Teamgroup Cardea C440]
PROJECT SSD: [Seagate Firecuda 530]
ARCHIVE SSD: [Kingston A400]
CASE: [Phanteks P600s]
KILLER FANS: [Phanteks T30]
GPU: [Asus TUF RTX3090]
PSU: [Asus ROG Thor 1200w]
PSU Extension Cables: [Cablemod]

Things You might need:
iFixit Scredriver set:

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Video produced by Lauri Pesur
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0:00 Intro
1:00 Sponsored Segment
1:29 Getting the first Post
3:43 First Post & BIOS Boot Priority
5:17 Win 11 Install
8:40 Setting up ‘Windows Hello Pin’
9:24 Windows Updates
10:47 BIOS Update
13:03 How to enable iGPU in BIOS?
13:38 Enabling XMP
14:27 Fan & Pump Configuration
22:25 RGB Configuration
23:58 Driver Install
24:22 Default Browser Install/settings
26:04 GPU Driver Download
27:24 Hardware Monitoring Software download
29:10 BSOD
30:24 Graphics Driver Install
31:53 Intel Support Assistant & Driver Install
33:02 Stress testing the system
38:25 Panels & Case Airflow Configuration
40:05 Conclusion & Ending