In this video we go over an example of a taxpayer that sold Restricted stock units (RSU) and Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP) (Disqualifying disposition – short term capital gain) and how to report the sales on a tax return. This specific example the Stocks were held within an E-Trade account, so we go over the specific documents you need from E-Trade to report the sale, and basis of the stock properly. We end with how to get this done on TurboTax

00:00 Intro
01:10 Documents Needed
02:11 W2 – Analysis
03:31 IRS Form 1099-B & Stock Plan Transaction Supplement – Analysis
06:23 Conclusion of how to report ESPP and RSU on tax return
06:59 How to report sales of ESPP and RSU in TurboTax
10:41 Schedule D & IRS Form 8949


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