In this video, we’ll show you 3 easy and simple tools to make blurry pictures clear. followed by a step-by-step tutorial. Try our editing tool:

Whether it’s because the object was moving really fast or because of camera shaking, a blurry picture is pretty useless. Professional photographers can correct the image by using advanced photo editor like Photoshop. Luckily, there are a lot of simple tools that can be used for novices to fix this problem as well.

First tool is called Refocus. It’s available both as a standalone program and as a photoshop plugin, allowing you to make photos sharp and clear, as well as add bokeh and lens blur effects to your photos etc.

Second one is Inpixio Photo Focus. Photo Focus offers the tools to help you create clear, crisp and high-resolution photos. Besides improving image sharpness, it also comes with lots of creative filters to create impressive effects for ultimate focus and picture quality.

Last but not least is Photozoom Classic 7. PhotoZoom Classic 7 is specialized in enlarging photos while preserving quality. Equipped with BenVista’s unique S-Spline technologies, it allows you to create sharp, crisp, clear and true to nature image enhancements. Perfect for images originating from the Internet.

Next, I will show you step by step how to use Photozoom to create sharper images from blurry pictures.

To get started, launch Photozoom and open the photo from which you want to remove the blurriness. Once the image is loaded, you will find several tools here on the left hand panel, such as the image size info, new dimension input box if you want to resize the image, and several resize methods for you to choose from. S-spline is an award-wining technology developed by Photozoom company specially for crisp, clear images. On top of the preview window, there’re few more toolbox, like selection tool, image rotating, split screen previewing etc.

To sharpen a photo, just head over to resize method area, and select Nearest Neighbor option. Next, adjust the intensity and radius level to the maximum. Wait a few seconds for Photozoom to process. There you go!

That’s it! Download Photozoom from the link in the description box below and start your own experience today! Subscribe to our channel to get more tips to come!