Learn how you can color correct/grade your videos or films to make them look better with the built-in Color Correction video FX in Sony Vegas Pro 13! This tutorial will help you make better looking videos and is very easy to follow along with.

If you’ve been making videos for some time now, you know there is a lot you do during the editing process. Color correction is something that you should really take in mind when editing your videos, especially if you make IRL (in real life) videos, films (cinematic) or anything that shows your face or that is recorded on a webcam or camera.

Color correction can make a huge difference to the vibe and feel of the video. It can make a boring shot look much better with the different colors and also make a very unpleasing shot looks x10 better with the color curves effect I showed in this video.

Sony Vegas Editing Tutorial: http://youtu.be/1KYx8TYXSFQ
Sony Vegas Film Look: http://youtu.be/6LJuqUkod74
Sony Vegas Pro 14 RELEASED:

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How to Color Match ANY Video INSTANTLY!