If you want to align graphics or text in Adobe Premiere Pro, you can do that in the “Essential Graphics” window.

If you can’t find that window, go up to the menu, click Windows, and select “Essential Graphics”.

Now go to that window, click the “New Layer”-icon and create a text or shape or import files.

Select the files you want to import and then click “Import”, now move each item to where you want them to be roughly and then select all the layers and use the “Align”-tools underneath to align them.

I want to align them based on the midpoint of each graphic so I’ll click “Align Center Vertically” and then “Distribute Horizontally”.

You might need to click the same button a couple of times for reasons I’m not aware of.

You can also align items using “Guides” which I have made a separate tutorial about that I will link at the End Screen of this video, together with a playlist of all my tutorials.

Thanks for watching, keep learning, and have a great day!



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