To access Generative Fill, first download the Photoshop BETA app in the Creatve Cloud installer. Next, turn on “Synthetic Fill” in the preferences under “Early Access”. To turn on the contextual task bar, enable it in the “Window” menu under “Application Frame” and “Tools”.

Today, we’re exploring a groundbreaking new feature currently in the Photoshop Beta: Generative Fill. This tool leverages advanced artificial intelligence to modify and enhance your photos, providing functionality beyond traditional editing methods.

Generative Fill opens up numerous possibilities, from extending photo backgrounds to removing extraneous objects, or even introducing completely new elements via a text prompt. It’s a versatile tool with wide-ranging applications.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you through the various functionalities of Generative Fill, providing a detailed walkthrough and practical examples. We’ll highlight how this innovative feature can streamline your editing process and expand your creative horizons.

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