This video talks about what to do with your PC after it’s been built. We talk about how to check CPU & GPU temperatures, bottlenecks, and our top programs for your PC (old or new!).
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Our goal here is to describe how to use some of this software, not just tell you what to use. These are great tools for understanding and tuning your computer better, particularly for finding shortcomings, bottlenecks, thermal issues, or overclocking headroom — but it’s also possible to misuse these programs in a way that might lead you to the wrong conclusion. We’ll help describe some of those pitfalls and how to avoid them. We’ll also walk through some of the most commonly useful commands for Command Prompt that we think everyone should know.

SOFTWARE LINKS – Find all utilities here, in order of appearance:

(We are not directly affiliated with any of these software projects beyond our use of them; we do not receive any compensation for downloads, and we didn’t even talk to the software developers about this video — we just made it because it’s what we use)


00:00 – Software Recommendations
03:22 – Power Supply Blows Up Next Door
04:09 – HWINFO64 & Data Logging
08:32 – CPU-Z (How to Best Use It)
10:56 – GPU-Z Sensor Logging
13:19 – NVFlash, ATIFlash, & MorePowerTool
16:31 – 3DMark & SuperPosition Benchmark Software
17:43 – NotePad++
18:12 – Lightshot
18:38 – Prime95 Non-AVX Testing
19:33 – FastStone Image Viewer Batch Photo Processing
19:58 – Command Prompt Basics
22:22 – EVGA Precision & MSI Afterburner Overclocking Tools
23:04 – OBS, ShadowPlay, & ReLive Gameplay Capture

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Host, Writing: Steve Burke
Video: Keegan Gallick, Andrew Coleman
Additional Screen Capture: Patrick Lathan, Patrick Stone