🧨 Looking for the best free antivirus in 2023? Here are our top picks right now: 🧨
✅ Try TotalAV ➡️ https://cnews.link/totalav-w10/
✅ Try Bitdefender ➡️ https://cnews.link/get-bitdefender_146/

🚨 We join the worldwide community in support of Ukraine and international sanctions inflicted on the Russian government. Cybernews do not tolerate the bloodshed, human right abuses, and allegedly Geneva Convention violations the Russian army has inflicted on the Ukrainian people and won’t stand in support of companies that might help enable it. To avoid any possible ties with Russian government funded businesses, we do not recommend using Kaspersky as an antivirus provider due to their broadly discussed close contact with the country’s Federal Security Service (FSB).


Most free antiviruses hide important features like Firewall and Real-time protection behind a paywall… So let’s see what level of protection you can expect from the best options. Not only these three provide a high-quality antivirus performance, but they are also free, some of them – free forever!

Best free antivirus for Windows 10:

🧨 TotalAV ➡️ https://cnews.link/totalav/m6dq6NeLqKw/

✔ Free forever
✔ A lot of features
✔ Low resource usage
✔ Easy to set up and use
✔ Fast customer support

✅ Bitdefender ➡️ https://cnews.link/get-bitdefender_147/

✔ Free forever
✔ Superb malware protection
✔ Sophisticated phishing filters
✔ 30-day free trial of all premium versions

💣 Avira https://cnews.link/get-avira/m6dq6NeLqKw/

✔ Free forever
✔ Unique security features
✔ High-performance settings
✔ Comfortable to use
✔ Limited free functionality

In the end, free antiviruses with good functionality exist, with TotalAV being almost the best free antivirus. Avira is also a prime example of a high performance, zero cost antivirus. However, you won’t be getting the full protection with just the free version of an antivirus. I recommend you try those antiviruses for free, if they end up helping you – invest in the paid version, to keep yourself completely safe.

FULL REVIEW ✅ Best free antivirus software for 2023: https://cnews.link/free-antivirus-w10/

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