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I sat down to test the best antivirus for Windows 10 options. Based on the latest independent testing results for Windows 10 devices, three providers stand out to me – Bitdefender, Norton Antivirus, and TotalAV.

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100% malware detection, great real-time protection, VPN & password manager included

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100% zero-day and malware tests, VPN and password manager included, 30-day money-back guarantee

⮕ Norton antivirus: https://cnews.link/get-norton_302/
Great malware detection results, many extra features, VPN included

⮕ Surfshark antivirus: https://cnews.link/get-surfshark-antivirus_3/
Excellent real-time protection, many extra security features, powerful VPN included

⮕ NordVPN Threat Protection: https://cnews.link/get-nordvpn_606/
Great malware protection, ad blocker, top VPN included

00:00 Intro
0:21 Which antivirus has the best security?
2:57 Ease of use
3:59 Pricing – which AV has THE BEST value?
4:59 Best antivirus features?
6:34 Honorable Windows 10 antivirus mentions
7:12 Best antivirus – the final verdict

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