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Learn how to easily create circle line explosion motion graphics in After Effects.
Here’s how to create this beautiful line array explode here inside of After Effects. The first thing you do in After Effects is select the pencil from the center of your composition. Click to add a point. Then hold shift on a keyboard and draw a straight line. Now open the shape layer. Go to add and select repeater Open repeater one and then open Transform, Repeater 1. Set the x-position value to zero and increase the rotation to 15 degrees. Now increase the number of copies to fill out the circle. Go to the anchor point and increase the y value to expand the circle. Now, to animate the circle array, go to add and add a trim paths. Open the trim path properties, keyframe the start and end values from 0% to 100%. Then move to start keyframes forward in your timeline by a few frames. Now you can duplicate this circle shape and add a nice touch of detail to every project you work on in After Effects. And you can download our free template pack to get graphics like these and be sure to check out our 1400+ Motion Graphics Professionals Pack with the link in the description or on our page.

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